Noise Abatement

Pilots are ultimately responsible to ensure that adequate separation is maintained from other aircraft whilst operating within the ATZ.

When Boscombe CMATZ is Active
Unless requested, helicopter departures and arrivals should be via Heli-North


Heli-North 25 Left Hand ( Circuit Height 1,000 ft Thruxton QFE)
Joins from the East: Straight in approaches based on the fixed-wing runway in use. Helicopters
should remain clear of the Runway 25 centreline to its south at all times.

Joins from the West: Helicopters should join on the downwind leg.

Heli-North 07 Right Hand ( Circuit height 1,000 ft Thruxton QFE)
Joins from the East: Helicopters should join on the downwind leg. Final approach should be flown as shown on chart, to avoid Thruxton Down and the respective fixed-wing approach.
Heli-North 30 Left Hand/12 Right Hand (Circuit Height 800 ft Thruxton QFE)
Helicopter pilots should adopt the fixed-wing procedures (see respective section). Final approaches to Heli-North are based on the fixed-wing runway in use.

Departures – (1,200 Alt. Thruxton QNH)

Helicopter pilots should fly the reciprocal arrival procedures. 


Joining height is 1,500 ft Thruxton QFE. Circuit height is 1,000 ft Thruxton QFE


No height/altitude restriction. Pilots should continue to climb out of the circuit pattern to their intended en route altitude to minimise noise disturbance within the surrounding area.

Helicopters wishing to conduct circuits are to use Heli-South – please call the Aerodrome Operator beforehand for a briefing and latest charges.

NB: Pilots should avoid the Middle Wallop ATZ which lies immediately south of
The Thruxton ATZ.

The South-Eastern corner of Danger Area D126 lies within the North-Western portion of the
Thruxton ATZ. A Letter of Agreement exists whereby Thruxton Traffic may enter this area at a
height not below 700 FT above aerodrome level. On the rare occasion that D126 is notified as being active above 1400 alt, then the area should be avoided.


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